Are Your Stats Dead Using PMetrics, Use Multiple Analytics Programs

I use multiple programs to track the stats of my blog but due to some reasons they do no match at all. That is the first reason I use multiple tracking softwares. The biggest problem is that all of these use their own proprietary way of tracking users which is quite annoying. Just like many other tools webmasters use why can’t they have a standard in place?

Talking about tracking softwares I use Google Analytics, PMetrics and Reinvigorate to track my stats across the day. I liked PMetrics the most since it provided with a lot of options including active feed readers, a dashboard that summarized much better than Google Analytics and a simpler interface than Google Analytics.

I was even planning to go paid with PMetrics but eventually the lack of them managing things dissolved the plan.

The biggest problem with PMetrics is that they do not intimate users at least not the free users that they have some problems with their tracking. The first problem was when Performancing as it was then known completely stopped their metrics program without intimating users.

They then announced that they launched the metrics again as PMetrics. As I was really amazed by their metrics program I joined back again, this time everything ran smooth but again I had a problem few weeks ago where their stats was not working at all. The program not working is not what I had an issue about, the fact that they never intimated users about it was the problem.

The final nail in the coffin came when they started moving servers either late yesterday or early today. I logged into Analytics, Track Websites