The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard Documentary is Available for Download

The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard (TPB-AFK), the documentary about The Pirate Bay (TPB), and its founders Gottfrid Svartholm Warg (Anakata), Fredrik Neij and Peter Sunde (brokep), was released a few hours back. It took over four years to complete and tells the story of the lives of the founders of TPB. The movie was released online and also featured at the Berlin International Film Festival this year. The film has been made by Swedish filmmaker and producer Simon Klose, who followed and documented the court cases involving TPB.


Currently, Anakata is serving a prison sentence after being arrested in Cambodia and Peter and Fredrik are wanted. The case also included the CEO of TPB Carl Lundström, and all four of them were sentenced to one year in prison each and were ordered to pay damages of USD 3,620,000 in total. Although Carl Lundström’s prison sentence was reduced to four months, which is over now, he had to pay additional damage charges.

The title “Away From Keyboard” is symbolic of the harsh realities of life away from the keyboard where the Pirate Bay trio would face a court trial away from their online lives. Cases like these push the boundaries of reality and make us wonder just how orthodox and stagnant the media industry is, when it comes to copyright. This movie lays case for copyright reforms.

The full documentary is available on YouTube and it is released under a Creative Commons License.

Additionally, there is crowdfunding page for the movie at the official website. If this movie interests you, there are two more documentary films called Steal This Film (2007) and Good Copy Bad Copy (2007), which feature the police raids on The Pirate Bay.

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