Tools to synchronize bookmarks between browsers

Every time you come across a interesting site or information you may want to bookmark it so that you can visit that site at a later date. I tend to use more than one browser and more than 2 computers to do my work. It would always be great the bookmarks are same throughout all the computers and browsers so that you can quickly access them no matter which PC you use or which browser you use.

There are many tools that do this, I would like to bring to you some of the best bookmark synchronizing tools, some of these tools may not exactly synchronize your bookmarks but they can ensure that you manage the same set of bookmarks across all your computers and browsers.

Google Bookmarks

google-toolbar-logo This is one my favorite book marking tool and I use it on all my browsers and PCs. The good thing about this is that It will synchronize all my new bookmarks on other the PC or browser without me having to do anything.

You have to first install the Google Toolbar on the browsers where you want to synchronize your bookmarks. Once you have done that you will see a Bookmarks button using which you can synchronize your bookmarks.

At first you may not see any bookmarks at all. Below is the screen shot for both Internet Explorer and Firefox on first install.

google-bookmarks-ff google-bookmarks-ie7

Note you need to be signed in with a Google Account before you will see the above options. To sign in you will need to click on the Settings button in the right hand corner and click on Sign In. Once you have signed in with your Google Account you can synchronize your bookmarks.

In both the browsers you can Import Favorites from the browser into Google Bookmarks, let’s start with Internet Explorer first and then check if it reflects on the Firefox. Once you click on the import button it will load a page from where you can choose all the bookmarks that need to be imported.

Once you have imported the bookmark clicking the refresh button will synchronize the bookmarks and I will be able to see all my IE favorites in Firefox.

google-bookmarks-imported-ie google-bookmarks-imported

You can repeat the same process and Import the Firefox bookmarks, now both your browsers are synchronized. If you are using a different PC you can simply sign into your Google Account and access all my bookmarks. To keep your Favorites synchronized with the browser you just need to click on Import bookmarks option for the browser and it will add the newer bookmarks to your Google Bookmarks.

To bookmark a page directly to your Google Bookmarks you can click on the bookmark button. Google Bookmarks also provides with tagging features which you can use to organize all your bookmarks. Since all your bookmarks are stored online you can access them from Google Bookmarks page.

delicious_logo This is another one of my favorite book marking service and I use it quite often to discover and find new bookmarks. The fact that is a social book marking service means that you can share your bookmarks with the world. Also since it stores these bookmarks online it makes it easier to access the bookmarks from anywhere in the world on any computer.

You need to have A account so that you can store your bookmarks online. For Internet Explorer You can download the installer which will add a toolbar from where you can easily manage your bookmarks.

If you are using Firefox there is a extension available for adding those bookmarks from within Firefox to your account.


zinkmo-logo Zinkmo is a desktop software that allows you to synchronize your bookmarks between Internet Explorer and Firefox. It also allows you synchronize all your bookmarks between multiple computers too. You will need to install the software on multiple PC in order to be able to synchronize the bookmarks between multiple computers.

With Zinkmo you can access all your favorites online. You will need to signup for a free account with Zinkmo before you can access your Online Link Manager. In addition to that you can Auto Sync all your bookmarks, check for duplicate bookmarks and verify if your bookmark links are still valid.

Overall seems like a power application in itself that will allow you to synchronize your bookmarks.

Browser Specific Bookmarks Synchronizers

If you are a Firefox user then you should definitely try out the Google Browser Sync which allows you synchronize your bookmarks and more between multiple computers.

For Internet Explorer there is the Windows Live Toolbar which allows you to synchronize your bookmarks between Internet Explorer and Live Favorites.

Other Worth mentionable tools are the Bookkit  (no longer available) for which you can download  (no longer available) synchronizers for both Internet Explorer as well as Firefox.

I usually end up using a mix of all the tools but re-synchronize everything with the Google Bookmarks which acts as a central repository for all my bookmarks. Which bookmark service do you use to synchronize between computers? Do let me know through your valuable comments.

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