Google’s Doodle Just Get Better; Celebrates Thomas Edison’s Birthday

have been getting better with every new one they come up with. This week they celebrated the birthday of Jules Verne’s birthday with an innovative animated Doodle.

Thomas Edison Google Doodle

Today, they have put up a new to celebrate the birthday of Thomas Edison, the inventor and scientist who developed many devices that form the base of technology today; including the Phonograph which then went on to become the record player and gramophone and is today available in the form of CD, DVD and Blu Rays; motion picture camera which was used to create movies and shows; and the electric bulb because of which we have light in darkness today.

The Google Doodle for Thomas Edison feature all his innovations which go on to form the word Google. The animation is done in GIF and also features a light bulb which turns on and off. Pretty cool.

Google has definitely started to give their Doodle’s a lot of attention after they came up with the Pacman Doodle, and many of them have been simply brilliant. The Thomas Edison Google Doodle will be viewable wherever it is February 11.

What do you think? Which has been your favorite Google Doodle till date? Do let me know.

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