Theft in Virtual World Triggers Investigation in Real World!

The Finnish police are investigation into a huge case of theft in the virtual world where furniture worth £840 is reported to have been stolen. The total number of cases amount to 400 and the thefts, all of them, have  occurred  at the Habbo Hotel. This is the second attack on the hotel, the first one being in 2007 when a Dutch teenager stole furniture from the hotel.

The thefts are occurring as a result of phishing scams where users are tempted to give in their usernames and passwords in the virtual world. Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at internet security firm F-Secure says,

Habbo as a virtual world is targeted by thieves from all over the world.  We see malicious attacks and trojans stealing accounts for all the games you can imagine, including World of Warcraft, Farmville and so on.  Poker games for example are susceptible to trojans which share your cards with other players around the table.  When the TV stars play poker online, we’re talking potential losses of hundreds of thousands of euros.

It is funny as to how a theft in the virtual world is triggering investigations in the real world though on the other hand, it is good to see that the Finnish police are taking up these cases in display some immense online awareness.


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