Help The Oatmeal and the Tesla Science Center Build a Tesla Museum

Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek ever. This point is not debatable, all your argument against it is invalid and you ought to read more. We grow up all our lives being taught how an X in some corner of the world invented something. However, you will be amazed to know how many of those inventions you can trace back to one single man, Nikola Tesla. It is no co-incidence because Nikola Tesla indeed was the greatest inventor of all times, but the sad truth is that, he was and still remains an unsung hero in the world of science.


We geeks love our geek idols. We might not come off as being serious when we show respect for them with some playful cleverness. However, money is the language of the layman, so let the money speak for itself. The Oatmeal is organizing a major humanitarian effort currently, and you have the rare opportunity to preserve what remains of the eccentric genius’s laboratory. This page at indiegogo is running a fundraiser to save a piece of land that was once home to Tesla’s laboratory, popularly known as Wardenclyffe. The page is attracting donations at nearly $10,000 an hour and it is already approaching $500,000 out of its goal of $850,000 with 44 more days to go. With time, this can turn out to be Internet’s greatest fundraiser and science effort ever.

It all started after Matthew Inman at The Oatmeal wrote a piece on Tesla Museum. Tesla Museum was part of ambitious project, in which a non-profit organization (Tesla Science Center) wanted to build a museum on the exact spot of Wardenclyffe, thereby protecting this historic landmark from the current danger of being replaced with a retail establishment. Inman decided to preserve this endangered heritage through The Oatmeal, and added a humanitarian touch to it by making it a fundraiser. The fundraiser started off pretty well. The next challenge for this effort is to raises $850K, as then, the NY State will match the same amount making the total raised amount to a whopping $1.7 million.

But here is a valid question: Why try to preserve this great man’s biggest failure? Perhaps it is only just, because Tesla failed to build this tower over monetary issues. The sheer amount of bold ambition hidden behind this massive failure will remind us every day of how far we need to push our imagination, in order to make a better world of tomorrow.

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