The Music Bay: A New Project from The Pirate Bay Crew

The Pirate Bay has troubled the music industry for too long now. It has been fighting lawsuits and escaping trials in style. It has gathered a huge fan support with ridiculing the lawsuits on its blogs. Any recent setbacks could not move them enough and finally, The Pirate Bay has come out with a new project- The Music Bay.
The Music Bay has been in rumors for some time and finally, it has become a reality with official word from a Pirate Bay insider. With this, the snake in The Pirate Bay grows another head and raises double trouble for the RIAA and MPAA. They have announced this with a subdomain with a “Coming Soon” title. Now, The Pirate Bay is known for its notoriety and this can be another one of their pranks.

The Torrent Freak was told by an insider,

The music industry can’t even imagine what we’re planning to roll out in the coming months. For years they’ve complained bitterly about piracy, but if they ever had a reason to be scared it is now. It will be a special surprise for IFPI’s 78th birthday, and we’re thinking of organizing a huge festival in Rome where IFPI was founded.

Also, if you were wondering who the IFPI are, TorrentFreak puts it as,

IFPI is of course the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, one of the most active anti-piracy outfits and a long-time adversary of The Pirate Bay. Formed under Italy’s fascist government of Benito Mussolini in 1933, IFPI will turn 78 in April of 2011.

This new domain is going to take the already paranoid music industry on a joyride.

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