The Internet Archive Starts Sharing Content Through Torrents

BitTorrent is the fastest and easiest way to transfer and distribute files. However, for the last few years, the world of torrent technology is trying hard to get rid of the stigma associated with it. Founders from torrent sites like The Pirate Bay were charged as guilty and this poses a huge risk for torrent technology. At this point, any legitimate business based on torrents comes out like a ray of hope. A few days ago, we saw BitTorrent trying to clear the name of torrent technology by creating its own content distribution network based on torrents.


This time, the Internet Archive is embracing torrent technology to make thousands of legacy files available to users. The Internet Archive is good at what it does, and with this new distribution strategy, they will reach a much wider audience. These files being distributed include old record albums, book collections, movies, radio shows and much more. John Gilmore, the founder of the EFF had this to say in a blog post announcing this release:

 I supported the original creation of BitTorrent because I believe in building technology to make it easy for communities to share what they have. The Archive is helping people to understand that BitTorrent isn’t just for ephemeral or dodgy items that disappear from view in a short time. BitTorrent is a great way to get and share large files that are permanently available from libraries like the Internet Archive.

Not only can you download files, but you can also contribute files to The Internet Archive torrents through or This makes it a true community, and provides a long-term solution for archiving of files, in an easier and better manner.


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