The Google Phone (Leaked Pictures and More Details)

Finally, all the speculations about a phone, that will be fully manufactured and branded by Google, is coming true. Earlier, many rumors about the Google Phone had surfaced. The products that fueled these speculations were Android, Google voice etc. But now we definitely know that the Google Phone is real and it is coming very soon, maybe in 2010.

On December 11, 2009 some Google employees started tweeting about the Android powered Google Phone, that they are getting from Google. Google has also confirmed the news, that it is testing a new Android powered device with employees around the world. Google is saying, it is doing this for the employees, as a part of Christmas celebrations. But why cannot we believe that it will start selling the Phone to customers? In fact Google’s decision to release a phone shows its fear that, the Android platform, which it had built by itself, will be commercialized by other hardware vendors like HTC, Samsung etc.

Update: According to PC World, the phone on the right could very well be the Google Phone.


For now, no official news has come from Google, but we have some very specific and interesting details about this Google Phone:

Leaked Pictures [via: theunlockr]

The Google Phone

The Google Phone

Confirmed details: The phone is being built by HTC, but Google is deciding all the design and features. The Phone resembles to a modified version of HTC passion. The Google Phone will be launched in early 2010. The best feature in the Google Phone is that it will not sold by any one carrier like AT&T or T-mobile, but will be an unlocked GSM Phone. It will be running Android 2.1

Details which are not yet confirmed: The Google Phone runs on a Snapdragon chip. It has a very big OLED touchscreen. The Google Phone is very slim, infact thinner than the iPhone. The Phone has no keyboard, and has 2 mics. The Phone also has a very big camera.

[via: TechCrunch and GigaOM]

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