‘The Daily’ iPad Newspaper Coming to Android Tablets

The DailyThe Daily, the first iPad only newspaper which was created specifically with tablet users in mind was launched with a lot of fanfare on February 2.

At its launch, Rupert Murdoch of News Corp had praised the iPad a lot – So we built The Daily completely from scratch — on the most innovative device to come about in my time — the iPad.

It launched along with a new feature for app developers – in-app subscriptions, which has been one of the most controversial features of the App Store, after Apple decided to take a 30% cut for all subscriptions purchased from within iOS apps.

Anyway, The Daily was supposed to be iPad exclusive for a long time, though Murdoch had announced that a version of Android tablets was coming soon. It seems that the Android version of The Daily may be here earlier than expected, probably by Spring 2011.

Sources have revealed that The Daily is slated to launch for Android tablets in Q2 2011, which is a bit surprising considering the amount of praise Murdoch showered on the iPad at the launch. In the end, it’s all about business, I guess.

The Daily has seen a lot of downloads so far, but it’s still in the free trial period. When the trial ends this week, we should know how popular The Daily really is.

via AllThingsD

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