2 Days, $1 Billion. That’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday For You

I do want a Sony Bravia and a Wii along with an Xbox 360 with . Those are my guilty pleasures and I want to wait for a bit before I do get them. However,  millions of consumers across United States didn’t wait, they purchased something or the other in the past two days to make sure that retail sales in US topped $1 billion.

Not Surprisingly, this year people spent more than they did last year on Black Friday, $648 million to be precise and $407 million on Thanksgiving. Hey I didn’t make up these stats and neither do I like it, but I do go by certain companies which have proven records, one of which is comScore who have released this report.

According to comScore, people spent $407 million this year on Thanksgiving day as opposed to $318 million in 2009 and splurged a further $648 million on stuff in 2010 as opposed to $595 million last year. This is a 28% and 9% surge respectively and goes on to show that US is almost finally out of the recession which stopped people from spending in previous two years.

Where is the recession everyone keep talking about? Nowhere near the shopping radar. If companies can manage sales of $1 billion in two days, there is more likely than not no recession. Of course every dollar matters and the unlike every year, this years sale came from online channels too.

comScore reports that during the Black Friday period certain sites got more 3 million hits. Some of these sites were also included in our Black Friday deals list and are black-friday.net and blackfriday.info among others.

Another interesting thing about these sales figures was that Amazon saw the most sales. It was not surprising considering that Amazon is an online only retail store.

Nevertheless, $1 billion in two days is huge. So what did you buy this Thanksgiving or Black Friday?

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