Tetris Good for Brain: Helps Decrease Post-Trauma Stress

Here is a good news for all the traumatic patients. Their stress can be reduced to quite an extent by playing computer games like Tetris. Researchers at Oxford University found out that the patients engaging themselves in Tetris are less likely to have flashbacks of traumatic events.
The research was performed in the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University, headed by Dr Emily Holmes.
He performed experiment with 40 new patients. 20 of them were allowed to play Tetris while the other half did practically nothing. It was observed that the person who played the game had fewer flashbacks than the left out person in next few days.
According to the doctor, It takes around 6 hours after a traumatic event for a memory to be fully formed and disrupting the formation of those negative thoughts could help the patients. Disrupting those functions by diverting the brain’s attention in this crucial six-hour window seems to dampen down the vividness of memory.
The Oxford team chose “Tetris” because it involves moving coloured objects around and requires a lot of presence of mind.
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