Tesla Museum Fundraiser Crosses $900,000 with 39 Days Left

Remember how Matthew Inman from “The Oatmeal” started a fundraiser to build a Tesla Museum aiming at raising $850,000, so that the NY state can match that amount, pushing the raised amount to a whopping $1.7 million? Phew. Well, the Indiegogo fundraiser is going far better than expected. The initial plan was to run it for 45 days, which still is the plan I presume. However, there are 39 days left to go, and the fundraiser is nearing $1000,000 already. Isn’t that awesome?

Like many of us, Matthew Inmam is a known Tesla fan. Although he started out with plans of acquiring the piece of land on which Wardenclyffe once stood, and build a museum there, the property alone costs $1.6 million. His initial plan was to raise just enough money, so that he could save the land from going into the hands of a retail establishment. However, it seems like Inmam will both save the land, and get his dream museum built as well. The raised fund will go to Tesla Science Center, and this is the organization that actually plans to build the museum at Wardenclyffe.

The campaign has already seen generous donations from Joseph Sikorski who is making a movie on Tesla’s life, and Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk has promised a big enough donation to get featured on The Oatmeal. The fundraiser will probably see another spike when the 45-day mark comes close. By then, this fundraiser will raise enough money to buy the land, build a museum, make all geeks proud and give a man of science the much needed love and respect he always deserved.

If you have not donated already, you can still do it at this page.

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