Techie Goals For 2008

Well as the year is coming to an end the resolutions are starting to turn up and as this blog has grown tremendously, we saw a 500% growth from 7511 unique visitors in January 2007 to 44000 unique visitors as of December 2007. I am quite happy with the growth and want to give more attention to the blog and my readers in the coming year.

I missed out on making any specific goals last year due to my personal ambitions that I had to fulfill, but, now that has been done over with I wanted to set some goals for 2008, though I am firm believer in setting short time goals I want to plan ahead and achieve smaller goals that will eventually lead to the big goal.

Looking at the past this year has been really fulfilling taking into consideration that I lost interest in blogging for about 6 months and after making a come back got lots of love and made lots of friends, there were disappointments  too where few of my ventures failed as I could not give much time for it, blogging aside I have set personal goals for them too so that I can make them a success.

Here are my Goals For 2008

Increase Traffic and Subscribers

Every website owner has a dream that they get lots of traffic and feed subscribers, I am not unlike them and have the same ambitions. Though I almost tripled my traffic and subscribers in 6 months I still want to set new standards in 2008. Currently I sit with around 1500 unique visitors per day and around 450 feed subscribers.

In 2008 I want to quadruple the traffic to at-least 6000 unique visitors per day and 1000+ feed subscribers. Many may think it is impossible but I did triple in 6 months so I have certain plans in place which I hope will work out and fulfill my ambitions.

Though this will not be possible without you readers I Thank You and hope you get more out of the site than ever next year.

More Quality Content

Techie Buzz has always been about quality content and original tutorials and how to’s, but I am still unhappy with what we are providing to the users. We definitely want to provide more quality and unique content to readers so that they can find useful information from this site.

There are a host of articles on this site which are useful and buried deep in the archives, as of this year we have started to showcase those articles in one place for readers to easily find them, we plan to update the list regularly to make it easier for users to find information.

Also with the introduction of 4 new great authors who will lend their expertise that a single author (read me) lacked we aim to give you the best from across the board. We are still looking for one more author and if you think you want to join the team please 2008 goals