TechCrunch TV Goes Live

A few months ago, we had told you about TechCrunch hiring a Forbes anchor reporter Evelyn Rusli in plans for TechCrunch TV, and it looks like all the months of work has finally completed with the official launch of TechCrunch TV.

TechCrunch TV Logo

TechCrunch has invested heavily into the new venture setting up a new office in San Francisco and also hiring several dedicated personnel for the venture. TechCrunch TV also plan to live broadcast several global tech events, similar to what Twit.TV is famous for.

TechCrunch TV will be launching with a limited beta service with about 40 minutes of original programming a day, supported by a wealth of previously recorded shows. Watch a video below of TechCrunch TV Creative Director Paul Carr and Evelyn Rusli where they introduce the idea behind TCTV to the readers.

More information at the official launch post at TechCrunch.

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