TechCrunch To Launch TechCrunch TV, Hires Forbes Anchor

There is no doubt that TechCrunch is one of the biggest websites in the tech industry and are almost an authority on tech, however, TechCrunch was definitely missing out on a upcoming medium which was video.

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That though is a thing of the past, TechCrunch will shortly be launching a new video project dubbed aptly as TechCrunch TV. The new venture will go live in the next few weeks after the finishing touches are applied to the new video studio at the TechCrunch HQ.

TechCrunch TV will have breaking news content as well as planned shows, which may include interviews, talk shows and product reviews.

Evelyn Rusli Forbes TechCrunch

The big news of the night though is that TechCrunch has now hired former Forbes anchor reporter Evelyn Rusli. Evelyn will be the main anchor of TechCrunch TV breaking news and planned shows.

Not much information about TechCrunch TV is available right now, we will keep you updated when news becomes available about the same.

Image via TechCrunch

3 thoughts on “TechCrunch To Launch TechCrunch TV, Hires Forbes Anchor”

  1. That's nice to hear about Tech News, but I wonder if TN might fix a problem for me (and maybe others, too). When I click on an article from the menu in your newsletter, somehow it never seems to go to the beginning of the article, but rather well down the page where the article appears. It would be nice to go to the very beginning of the article.

    It would be nice if I could find a button to enter this note in the comments, too.

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