BREAKING: TechCrunch Hacked

It looks the most popular Technology blog in the world TechCrunch just got hacked. Users visiting will be not be greeted with the usual dose of Technology, instead, you will see something which is similar to the screenshot below.

TechCrunch Hacked

Though the reason for the hack is not yet clear, @parislemon aka MG Seigler just tweeted that the folks at TC are aware of the situation. I checked on the DNS records and there does not seem to be any hijacks there, however it does look like somehow the hacker was able to get into the TechCrunch servers.

We, will update this post when more information becomes available, however, knowing TechCrunch, expect some explosive articles coming out in a day or two explaining the hack. Just a warning: DO NOT Click on the link on the site.

Update 1: TechCrunch is back up now, however, there is no official note about it yet, expect some details to come forth soon.

Update 2: Looks like the went down again, some sort of a recurring hack attack underway.

Update 3: Looks like they are back again at 2:31AM ET / 11:30PM PT, hope back for good this time.

Update 4: 2:40AM ET, and there they go down again.

Update 5: Still down at 3AM ET, looks like they are internally moving servers/IP, the site now throws a 500 error, it should be back up in an hour or two.

TechCrunch Hack Confirmed

Update 6: 4AM ET – TechCrunch has confirmed the exploit and are working on it, visitors should see a message as seen in the screenshot above.

Update 7: 5AM ET – TechCrunch is finally back up, and this time we think for good.

Update 8: 6:12AM ET TechCrunch came out with an update that the site was hacked, however they said it was redirected which was not the case, hopefully both TechCrunch and @rackspace should clarify more on this in the next few hours.

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