Teamp0ison Hacks United Nations, Leaks over 1000 Email IDs and Passwords

Team Poison is a notorious hacker collective, which has managed to survive without being part of Anonymous. We have seen Team Poison in action earlier, when they engaged LulzSec and  exposed many of their members  back in June. A few days ago, Team Poison joined hands with Anonymous on #opRobinHood, which protests against banks. However, what they have done lately does not fall under the premise of any ongoing operations directly.


Team Poison has hacked the website of the  United Nations Development Programme, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, UNICEF, World Health Organization,  and has leaked an enormous list of usernames, emails and passwords. The idea behind this leak was to protest against the fact that

the bureaucratic head of NATO used to legitimise the Barbarism of Capitalist elite.

Anonymous has had many failed claims recently because of half-hearted support. However, with Team Poison, they have managed to hack into a huge list of login credentials, many of which are admin accounts.

The UN is a worldwide organization, and this hack proves just how vulnerable it is. The collectives participating in this hack have exclaimed at the lack of security at these UN departments with,

United Nations, why didn’t you expect us?

The list of passwords found in the Pastebin document shows some user accounts with common passwords like “12345” and “password”. Some even used their own username as the password, and there were a few user accounts with the same email ID, username and password. Moreover, a vast majority of users had no password at all. Clearly, security has been the least of their concerns.

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