Target To Sell iPad At 5% Discount For Card Holders

Target, which is the second largest discount chain in the United States, have said that they will start selling the in their stores, starting at $499. Target will also offer a 5% discount for Target Credit-card holders.

Target Logo

iPad which currently only sells in Apple stores and some other retailers, will soon makes it way to Target, one of the biggest discount stores in America. During the holiday season, Target will sell 6 different iPad models, including the 3G version with a starting price of $499.

However, holders of the Target credit-cards will be entitled to a 5% store discount, making it good buy for consumers. Amazon, one of the biggest online retailers does not carry the iPad yet, and it is but natural as it is a competitor to the Amazon Kindle, so getting a discount in Target would definitely see more buyers.

However, with the holiday season coming up and big shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday months away, expect more discounts for the iPad in other stores too.

(Source: AP)

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