Tangler – Create your own free discussion forums

Discussion forums are great way to to get a diverse collection of opinions about a specific topic from lots of different people. There are lots of free discussion forums out there that you can quickly setup without needing to have much technical knowledge, and one that comes to mind is Tangler.

Tangler is a free, easy to setup, and full customizable discussion that you can use to host your own forums for anything that you like. Tangler hosts the forum for you and requires no downloads or installs. You simply sign up and create your forum online!


Here are some of the cool features of Tangler that make it one of the best discussions forums out there:

  • Easy to setup and integrate
  • We host it for you (no download or install)
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to promote
  • Public or invite only forums
  • And it’s FREE
  • Real time conversations
  • Great design
  • You customize it
  • Images and videos in the discussion
  • User profiles
  • Add and follow friends
  • Private chats
  • Desktop notifier option

Once you create a forum, you can create an unlimited number of topics inside each forum. You can also include videos and pictures in all of the forum discussions, which means you can quickly embed YouTube videos, etc.

It also has a social networking aspect to it so you can create user profiles, chat in private with other users, and add/follow friends.

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Tangler has an excellent GUI interface and create a very nice Web 2.0 look, rather than the usual forum look where everything is just plain and simple. You can control who enters a forum or you can make it public if you want everyone to be able to access it.

You can use Tangler as a way to discuss something important between friends that are in different locations or maybe as a business tool to discuss projects with colleagues. It can also be used as a kind of knowledge base if you like. Enjoy!