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Tablets are Disrupting IT (Gaming, Enterprise, and More)

The humble tablet has evolved from a simple reading console. It now promises to become a powerhouse as its processing capabilities increase.  For example, consider the iPad. The 55 million iPads on the market will very quickly catch up with the 60 million Xboxes. As tablets attack the gaming, organization (enterprise) and other technology-related sectors, let’s have a look at the possibilities.

Tablets and Gaming

Link the tablet market to the growing gaming industry. The limitations that many gamers will see with this arrangement (for example, with the iPad) are primarily hardware based. There are rumors that seek to dispel the myth that limitations because of hardware can hinder the use of tablets. Consider Apple’s iPad streaming to the TV, this may be one interesting update that we can look for in its future product that opens a whole range of further applications of the tablet. Knowing the Apple-release style, they will clearly not be rushed. However, they require to capitalize on the momentum of the iPad sales.

Tablets and Enterprises

Consider this, I am currently planning for my MBA placement interviews. The topic that I will be focusing on is “tablets” and all its glory. It is the “happening” thing right now. Imagine having most enterprise applications being run from mobile apps rather than on your regular desktop applications. Imagine the flexibility that this will provide enterprises and their various businesses. This is a powerful combination for the future.Image from

The use of tablets extends beyond regular miscellaneous activities. For example, we use it to surf, read books, listen to music. The ecosystem of its prospective use is much wider and more distributed than we currently see. Today tablets are primarily made for personal consumption. If we bring in tablets for organisations, then this market will see a boom.

Hardware product manufacture is a very risky business of course. You have to only look at various firms like Facebook, who would definitely want to get into the business of tablets and mobility, but unfortunately, they realize the high level of competition and ground that they have to break through, in terms of market entry barriers.

Tablets and What-not

The reality of the gaming/enterprise market and tablets intertwining is an inescapable fact. The coming year promises to be an interesting play of how IT firms will try to  monetize their social ability.

I think that there is plenty of opportunity today for collaboration between tablets with other industries, who may not be considered as traditional partners. One way tablet companies can try to monetize further, is to for example, combine their core technology competency with well-established technology-leaning companies ( example, gaming companies). Combined with the unstoppable growth that tablets are seeing; the combination of tablets, enterprises, and games looks like an a revolution in the making.

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