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Back on August 4th, I wrote an article called “TabCo Creating a Lot of Buzz! Who Are They?“. The mysterious TabCo, which vowed to “reinvigorate” the tablet market, turns out to be Fusion Garage. That’s right, you’ve heard that name before. Can you say “Joo Joo” Tablet? The epic failure I am sure Fusion Garage would love to forget. Today they revealed the Grid 10, Grid 4, and the GridOS.

Grid 10

The Grid 10 is all about “eye candy” and it is obvious the designers wanted to create a visual experience. It boasts a 10.1″ screen with  1366 x 768 pixels. Designed to be a more “natural” navigation, the Grid 10 is completely gesture based and button free. One unique feature this tablet brings is the “wheel-based” interaction. Basically, you tap the screen with your finger and it brings up a wheel with context sensitive spokes surrounding it. Your finger turns the wheel to reveal more menu items. You tap on the menu item to activate it.

The Wheel

Below you will see the contacts. It is certainly not the typical address book one may be used to. It acts as sort of a hub for all things related to that contact. For instance, you not only get their phone number but you can also see their Tweets.


Some other technical aspects of note is that it packs a  Nvidia Tegra II 1.2Ghz Dual Core processor, 512MB RAM, and 16GB of storage. It runs on the GridOS. It is Wi-Fi and 3G capable. It has a front facing camera that will work with its video calling feature that boasts one to one, and one to many, video calls. It also allows for HDMI connectivity.  Currently the tablet is only  available  in the U.S. It retails for $499 for wi-fi only and $599 for 3G.

The Grid 4 was an unexpected surprise from today’s announcement. It is a 4″ phone with 800 x 480 resolution. It also runs the Grid OS. It has a whopping 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash. It also has a front facing camera. It has a 4 points capacitive TFT touch screen. It comes with an impressive 16GB of storage.

Grid 4

Powering the whole thing is a new GridOS. It is built on the Android kernel so it will run Android Apps like “Angry Birds”! They claim to have rethought every process of the way a user interacts with the interface.

There was definitely a lot of pomp and circumstance when it came to marketing this new tablet. Fusion Garage has a history of epic failures however, it seems like they have done a lot of homework in the design of this new tablet. Will it “reinvigorate” the market? I doubt it. I do believe that it is a tablet worth looking at. Not to mention the Grid 4 phone which, I believe may end up being the better product before this is all said and done. Good luck Fusion Garage! I hope this goes better for you than JooJoo.

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