TabCo Creating a Lot Of Buzz! Who Are They?

TabCo is creating a lot of buzz by touting its upcoming tablet as an “Aha!” moment for the tablet industry. In an article today labeled “Secretive TabCo Gets Closer to Big Reveal“, Ina Fried, of AllThingsD, says that TabCo is “playing a high-risk game” by the way they’re choosing to market their product. So why all the hype about this new tablet anyway?

First of all, it has to be the way they have chosen to market the tablet. They have chosen to shroud their product in mystery, all the while building anticipation for their big reveal on August 15th. Their website,, basically creates a lot of hype, and begs more questions than it really answers. Yesterday they posted a video on YouTube called “Lemmings”. Below you can see the video.

The second reason for all the hype, has to be the pretty bold claims TabCo is making in regards to this new tablet.  I think it is a pretty gutsy statement to say they “reinvented the wheel”, as well as, to say they are “about to reinvigorate a market”. Bold statements like these can really come back to bite you. Let’s hope they don’t eat their words on this one.

If you dig through the TabCo website, you can start to piece together some technical specs about the new tablet. It appears to have Bluetooth, USB, wi-fi, and 4G connectivity. One statement they make about what sets them apart is “The UI, for one is like nothing else out there. It is predictive and draws its inspiration from the semantic web. The desktop is different, almost a canvas that gives you extensive flexibility to organize your life and work.”  They state that third party developers will be allowed to build applications for it. Most importantly, you will be able to play Angry Birds on it.

While there are many questions still awaiting to be answered, August 15th is just around the corner. There is a lot of speculation out there as to who might be behind this project. One major rumor is that this is Nokia behind it all. Others believe it possibly could be Google. All I know is it will be interesting to see if this new tablet is truly innovative, or if it will be just another over hyped flop. Keep checking in here for the latest information.

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