Swÿp from MIT Enables Transfer of Files Across Devices with a Swipe

MIT Media Lab is a breeding ground for all sorts of futuristic technologies. In the past we have seen them come up with uber cool stuff like Sixth Sense and folding cars. Now, their Fluid interface group has developed a new app that can enable effortless sharing of files between any touchscreen enable device (phones, tablets etc.).

Swÿp allows you to transfer any file from any app to any app on any device, simply with a swipe of a finger. The file transfer happens in two phases. As soon as your finger leaves the boundary of the first device (swipe out), it registers as a service on available networks. When your finger enters the second device (swipe in), that device begins looking for registered services. An ad-hoc connection is then established between the two devices to transfer the dragged file. Have a look at the video below to see Swÿp in action.

Besides touchscreen devices, Swÿp is also compatible with another exciting MIT Lab project called LuminAR. LuminAR is a desk lamp with augmented reality features. This lamp comes with a Pico-projector, camera, and wireless computer in a compact form factor. The lamp is capable of projecting information onto the environment (for example your desktop), and recognizing your interactions with the projected information. In other words, it can turn any desktop into a touchscreen.

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