Swiss Government Advises Entertainment Industry to Stop Crying Foul over Piracy

If you are a movie/music buff, Switzerland is the right country for you. The Swiss government allows illegal download of copyright files like games, music and movies, and declares it legal for personal use. When the Entertainment Industry created a fuss about it, the Swiss government declared this type of file-download as legal (once again), though this time, after a detailed study of the situation.


The Swiss government has found that one in every three people in Switzerland downloads copyright protected music, games and movies online. In spite of this, the government debunks the Entertainment Industry’s claims of intense revenue losses. The Swiss Government has declared that the entertainment industry is doing just fine, in spite of piracy. The findings of the study can be  found on this page.

The Swiss government calls the Entertainment Industry pessimistic. An excerpt from the report reads,

Every time a new media technology has been made available, it has always been abused’. This is the price we pay for progress. Winners will be those who are able to use the new technology to their advantages and losers those who missed this development and continue to follow old business models.

The Swiss government used a research by the Dutch government to conclude that the Entertainment Industry is not losing money after all. The Swiss government also makes it impossible to track IP addresses of file-sharers, thereby creating a catch-22 situation for the Entertainment Industry in Switzerland. Clearly, the Swiss government will not tolerate any piracy claims from the Entertainment Industry, and the Entertainment Industry has to evolve to turn the tables on piracy, in Switzerland.

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