More on the Sun-Oracle Deal

A lot is already happening at the Sun-Oracle merger end. There are things Oracle is doing which can help it gain favor in some communities whereas, at other places it sure is ready to make some people frown.

Rumors were that Oracle would make huge layoffs after its acquisition of Sun but Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has clearly denied these reports. Ellison Said on Wednesday,

It took a while, but Oracle and Sun are now one company. ¬†We’re very excited. Sun has a wonderful heritage of engineering and innovation.

Not only this, Ellison also gave us an insight of the future plans of Oracle by saying,
Our vision for the year 2010 is the same as IBM’s vision for the year 1960, which is go ahead and deliver a comprehensive suite of technologies.

Against reports of Sun firing around 3000 people sometime in October, Ellison actually laid plans for more hiring shutting down all layoff claims put on Oracle. On this hiring, Ellison said,
The truth is, we’re actually hiring 2,000 people over the next few months to beef up the Sun businesses, and that’s about twice as many people as we’ll be laying off.

Clearly, with this move, Oracle is looking at a future like IBM did in the 1960s. Oracle is equally interested in hardware and software now that it has an array of options to choose from. Also, it is in Oracles best interest to keep many of Sun’s technologies like Java, MySQL and alive as their popularity is unmatched all over the world.

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