Students Who Caught Stealing Teacher On Camera May Be Punished

New technology has always sparked debates over privacy, be it Facebook exposing your details to the world or somebody recoding a video without permission. But how about some students who couldn’t get any help from the school over their disappearing money and eventually caught their gym teacher on camera doing the theft? Is that right or wrong?


Many of us might say that students did the right thing, but officials of North Marion High School in West Virginia wouldn’t necessarily agree. Their stance on the issue:

A school spokesman said it’s possible the student who recorded the cell phone video could get in trouble as well because students are not supposed to use their phones during the day.

After being confronted with the video, Steve Simmons, confessed to the crime and said he had been doing this for years. This year alone he had accumulated around $400. School hasn’t yet decided what the punishment might be but whatever it is, it would be totally unjustified given the fact that students broke the rule to catch a thief. More so, because this is something the school is responsible for. If the school had taken appropriate measures when students complained about the theft, students didn’t have to use a mobile phone to capture the thief on video.

Here is a link to the original news story and the actual video.

[Via TechDirt]

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