Goes on Auction at Flippa, Starting Price $5000 is a domain which become famous because of the dispute between founder Mark Zuckerberg and Paul Ceglia over the ownership of Facebook. Ceglia claims that he owns 84% of Facebook thanks to the initial investment he made and contracts he signed with Mark before Facebook was officially launched.

It is being said that Mark Zuckerberg was initially hired to work on database and other related programming but later on took money from Ceglia to work on Facebook, a site initially only targeted at Harvard university student. The owner of the site StreetFax, has now put up the famous domain on sale on domain flipping website

The current bid on the site is for $5000, however, there are still 9 days and 21 hours more remaining for the auction to end. Considering the history of the domain it should definitely get some good bids in future.

The listing for the domain says:

I have for sale today the domain name, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg was hired and worked on this site while he went to school at Harvard! Also, it is believed that the code helped power Facebook’s original search features.

The domain is in the middle of a massive legal fight over ownership to 50% of Facebook, that’s $35 Billion dollars at stake!!

This is a piece of Internet history – history of a website, brand and possibly the largest court dispute in history!

This website has been featured in countless Global News and TV reports about the current lawsuit Zuckerburg (sic) Vs. Ceglia

If you are interested in buying this famous domain you can head over to Flippa and place your bid.

Update: There have been no bids for the site yet, but starting price is $5000.

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