Steve Jobs Still Using iPhone OS 3.1.2?

Call him plain lazy or just too busy, but a recent uncovering by the folks at 9to5Mac suggests that Steve Jobs is still using OS 3.1.2 and not the latest iPhone OS 3.1.3 based on a email he sent out to developers of Final Cut Pro.


The email in question, which was sent out by Steve Jobs, had headers with the email client listed as iPhone Mail (7D11), which is the default mail client for iPhone OS 3.1.2 (OS 3.1.3 has OS (3.1.3 – 7E18)).

This incident has quickly become a joke for many who are suggesting that Steve Jobs is waiting for the latest basedband unlock before switching to iPhone OS 3.1.3, 9to5Mac even went ahead and posted a tutorial for Jobs to upgrade his iPhone to OS 3.1.3.

Jokes apart, this is a real embarrassment for Jobs who is the CEO of Apple. It definitely looks bad when the CEO of the company is not using the latest version of his own software. Were there any problems Steve, or are you really waiting for the jailbreak :-)?

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2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Still Using iPhone OS 3.1.2?”

  1. I don't blame Steve if he is waiting- I updated my software after jailbreaking and then crashing my iphone, and I miss my jailbroken phone- I can't wait til they come out with the hack!!!

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