Steve Ballmer And Steve Jobs Together At WWDC 2010?

is still 10 days away, however, the rumor mongers are making this interesting. According to some rumors floating around, we might see the unthinkable happening at WWDC 2010.


The unthinkable is two rival CEO’s Steve Jobs from Apple and Steve Ballmer from Microsoft on the same stage at WWDC 2010. The rumor started when a Wall Street analyst said that seven minutes of time has been set aside by Microsoft to talk about their Visual Studio development tools to Apple developers during Steve Jobs keynote on June 7 at WWDC 2010.

Earlier yesterday, Apple toppled Microsoft to become one of the biggest tech companies in the world. If the rumor is true we might just see some good vibes on stage between these two charismatic personalities.

So will you be excited to see Steve Ballmer and Steve Jobs on stage together, or would you prefer to see them in a mud-fight ring :-).

(Source: CNet News)

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