Starbucks launches Social Networking Site MyStarbucksIdea
By on March 19th, 2008

Starbucks the most popular coffee shop in US has launched a social networking site called MyStarbucksIdea where users can add their ideas to make Starbucks even more user friendly.

On the site you can add your own ideas or simply vote on what others have to say on which you will receive feedback from the Starbucks employees. Well for one I believe this is a huge initiative to the already user friendly coffee shop which provides users with free WiFi connection and also allows you to login into iTunes site to see which song is currently being played in the shop and download it.

This in addition to finding the nearest Starbucks wherever you are. I must say I am quite impressed now that I may start getting in more freebies with my coffee mugs.

If you are anywhere near Manhattan then you can find me in either the Starbucks at 23rd East just near to 5th Avenue or near 18th Street at Union Square. So if you spot me stop by and say hi we can enjoy the freebies together.

P.S. You can see what I look like in my About Page so it will make it easier for you to spot me.

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  • Maria Ozawa

    I thought of this before… a site named after the popular starbucks. Oh well, good luck to them :)

  • Nirmal

    Everyone is into Social networking these days, I read Pepsi also launching Social site.

    • Keith Dsouza

      Quite true Nirmal, its become quite a fad. The same thing happened with blogs where corporates went on starting blogs, now its the turn of social networking to take over from blogs :).

  • maheshexp

    Guess even Nair Tea Shop, Idly shop in India will open up a social network site..Isn’t it Keith.

    But the thing is how far they are using the comments of readers to improve their services

    • Keith Dsouza

      Well Mahesh it’s become too easy to do everything these days including adding a social networking to the site, the main thing though is the service you provide through them.

      I for only never login into Facebook as I feel it is too complicated and jumbled up but on the other hand Orkut is just to easy for anyone to understand, so it also depends what ease of use you give to the user in the end.

      As for Nair Tea Shop I bet you will be able to order some tea online in the future :)

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