Sprint Tells Employees to Give “No Comment” on iPhone 5

Earlier this week, WSJ reported that Sprint is going to offer the iPhone 5 alongside AT&T and Verizon in mid-October. Today, SprintFeed has obtained an internal Sprint memo notifying dealers on how to respond to the recent report claiming that the carrier will offer the iPhone 5 in mid-October.

Sprint iPhone 5 Memo

The memo says employees who are asked a direct question by a customer regarding the iPhone 5 should reply by saying “Yes, I saw a few of those reports, I don’t have any information to share.”  Sprint dealers are also advised to refer customers to the Sprint.com Newsroom. In addition, the memo suggests that if a dealer is asked by a customer they should simply state “no comment”.

“A recent  Wall Street Journal  article mentioned that Sprint is getting the iPhone5,”

“If you’re asked by a customer or just talking to friends or family members, you need to avoid making any comment about the iPhone and simple state “no comment.”

Even though the memo doesn’t offer any evidence of Sprint offering the iPhone, Sprint’s “no comment” stance suggests the company will indeed be offering the iPhone later this year.

People familar with the matter had previously told WSJ that Apple was planning to launch the new iPhone by the end of September, but may have delayed the release because of production yield rate issues with its contract manufacturer.

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