SourceForge, Inc. renamed to Geeknet, Inc.

For most of you geeks out there SourceForge is not an unheard of site. It hosts the largest repository of open source software projects. SourceForge, or, was operated by SourceForge Inc., a company that owns several popular technology websites.

Today, in an official announcement on their website, SourceForge, Inc. was renamed to Geeknet, Inc.

According to the official statement, the idea behind renaming SourceForge Inc. is “to more accurately reflect the company’s business and the growing market it serves.

According to Scott L. Kauffman, President & CEO of Geeknet, the renaming move reflects the companies articulation strategy to clearly define the Geek audience they serve. He feels that the geek demographic is no longer restricted to gadgets and software, but encompasses and influences all facets of the modern lifestyle like Video Games, Fashion, Automobiles, Entertainment, etc.   He calls this phenomenon , the “geekification” of the world.

The primary aim , however, for Geeknet Inc. is to expand the reach of it’s online advertising services into new categories.

What most people might not know about SourceForge Inc. , previously VA Software, currently Geeknet Inc., is that apart from, it also owns other popular sites like Freshmeat, Ohloh, the very nerdy and almost as popular Slashdot and the geeky-yet-supercool online retail store ThinkGeek.

To support the new brand, the company is immediately launching a series of programs to raise awareness of Geeknet. It has already started doing so by making sure that all links, including Wikipedia are either redirected or updated to point to