SourceForge Takes Down the Dubious Anonymous OS Linux Distro

The popular online source code repository, SourceForge, has taken down a project that likes to call itself the Anonymous OS. This Project was uploaded on SourceForge almost a week ago and it has grabbed nearly 5000 downloads in this short span of time. While the official channels of Anonymous are rejecting any link with the distro, a Tumblr page has been created to promote the distro and it is making some bold claims.

The Anonymous OS distro is based off Ubuntu 11.10 and comes with the Mate desktop environment. It ships with known hacker and security tools like the High Orbit Ion Cannon, Tors Hammer, John the Ripper, Wireshark, Slowloris and Vidalia. The total size of the distro is 1.5 GB and it is still available on BitTorrent.

The official Twitter channel of Anonymous @AnonOps has rejected any affiliation of Anonymous with the Anonymous OS Linux build on SourceForge.

The Anon OS is fake it is wrapped in trojans. RT

— AnonOps (@anonops) March 15, 2012

With over 300,000 projects under its belt and millions of registered users, SourceForge has a responsibility towards both the user community and the developer community. This has led SourceForge to take down the   project for now, and pursue some answers from the project admin. As dubious as the name and the nature of the project is, it also ridicules the ideology of Anonymous. The very fact that Anonymous are Anonymous can be used so easily against them, and every time that happens, they have to fulfill the social obligation of rejecting dubious affiliations like these.


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