PS3 OtherOS++ Firmware Releases After Three Months of First Announcement

After the announcement of OtherOS++ around mid-February, Gitbrew has taken a mere three months to release. Sony took another action against another hacker last month. It was Gitbrew and all his equipment was taken away, with his Git hosting pulled off.


A page on his website still says,

Sony visits Graf to Perform Tea Ceremony graf_chokolo has not been raided as claimed by ps3crunch and other sites. Sony has sent representatives with a court order to seize his equipment, the police were not involved. “I didn’t tell that it was a raid, I said they came and had a right to take my equipment. This time no police, because they knew I won’t do anything bad” ~graf graf has expressed concerns about the availability of his open-source software hosted on his Git repository at Update: LINK REMOVED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

However, that did not stop him from developing the hack and it is finally ready with a release now. Former Sony employee Geoff Levand has also worked on this project. All the OtherOS++ firmwares and tools are available at this page. This is a v1.0b1 release and finally, PS3 will be back as HPC supercomputer grids. For a tech company, Sony has a very poor understanding of hacker culture and its public relations team is not assuring either. The worst part of the entire matter is that while Sony is planning to bring back its PSN online, a group of hackers who are not Anon (as declared by Anon) are planning a third strike and in the midst of all this, OtherOS++ will bring back the hack and mod into PS3.

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