Sony Google TV: Hardware Specs and Price Released [Leaked]

Sony Google TV generates occasional buzz and this time as the launching date is nearing, they have revealed detailed specs.


The Sony Google TV will be a TV with an Atom processor and the ability to surf the web. Moreover, it is not just a particular TV model. It is however, a family of TV sets that comes in four flavors of 24′, 32′, 40′ and 46′ screen size. Just two days ago, Sony released the TV controller, which looked like a mini-keyboard from a sci-fi movie. This time, the hardware specs add to the details. The specs as leaked by SonyInsider are:

As far as pricing of these Sony Google TV, get ready to shell out $1299.99 for the 32′ (NSX-32GT1), $1499.99 for 40′ (NSX-40GT1)  and $1899.99 for 46′ (NSX-46GT1). Unfortunately, pricing info was unavailable for 24GT1 model, however we assume it should be under one grand. In related news, the widely discussed Sony Internet TV Box, NSZ-GT1, was listed on an internal website and mentions an eject button, WLAN module, and an included HDMI cable. Considering this information, its logical to assume that the eject button is an appropriate mechanism for what we believe is an included Blu-ray player in the device.

The October 12 launch date is awaited and until then, we will probably have more pictures and news like these from Sony, to drool upon.


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