Hackers Hate Sony for Geohot Goof, While Sony Is On a Hiring Spree

Sony has gathered up loads of negative karma for the way they treated George Hotz (geohot). Hacker community world over hates Sony for making them feel so unwanted and insecure. Sony, on the other hand, is on a blatant hiring spree and has recently approached Android hacker Koushik Dutta.


(Image via: Geekosystem)
Koush Dutta is a familiar name when it comes to Android. He has done extensive work, hacking the Android platform inside out and has flagship products like ROM Manager and Clockworkmod Recovery under his belt. This has made him a top favorite at many Android forums. However, the entire matter of Sony going ahead and asking him to join their company, and his resigning has made him a legend.

The incident took place a few days ago and has left enough time to fill up our mind-spaces with all sorts of speculations. Some are wondering if he would have made an addition to the anti-piracy army Sony is building (supposedly) while others are speculating that he would have been a valuable asset as a PS3 hacker.

However, we cannot overlook the fact that Koush is actually a mobile platform expert with development experience on Android, Windows Mobile and .NET. He has little interest in PS3, or so it seems from his profile information. Another PS3 hacker (on Reddit) claims to have been contact the same way. Seemingly, Sony is trying to get back some hacker-love by opening its doors to them. But, the damage has already been done irreversibly and

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