Software For Haiti Initiative Provides Free Software To Haiti Relief Organizations

The recent natural disasters in Haiti have left several people dead and millions more homeless, there are organizations which are helping out in efforts to restore Haiti to normalcy.

Software for Haiti

Now, another initiative called Software for Haiti has been started out by independent software vendors and developers. The main aim of the initiative is to provide free software licenses to companies which are helping out with the Haiti relief. is an association of developers and vendors from around the globe who believe in offering their software at no cost to the organizations directly involved in Haiti relief and re-construction. Together, we can help Haiti recover and re-build from this tragic event.

Right now there are 6 software in the catalog, including CloudBerry Online Backup, OpsCentral, RoboMeta, Easy Projects, DBxtra and JetWorksheet. If you are a software vendor who is interested in joining the initiative you can do so by signing up here.

Organizations which are involved in Haiti relief can get the software for free by visiting the catalog page and clicking on the links to the software, which will then take you to instructions on how you can obtain the software for your organization.

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