Sneak Peek At Facebook’s Upcoming UI

Facebook is expected to make some “awesome” announcements soon. While not a lot is known about what Mark Zuckerberg and team will unveil, news doing rounds is a new iPad app and music service. Browsing through Facebook a couple of minutes ago I came across what seems to be a new update to Facebook’s interface.

The chat box on the right now is extended to the top of the screen with the upper half being a real time update firehose. Links, likes, comments, all your friends’ activities are keep showing as they happen. The second of the sidebar is the chat box. The friend list at the left bottom has been removed and I find it funny since right now I can only see around 9 friends listed in the chat box, at any given time of the day there are more 30 friends online for me to chat with. Here’s the screenshot:

(The box in the upper right corner is a scroll bar.)

The new Gmail and Google+ UI looks refreshing but  I’m not sold on Google+ just yet.

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Manan Kakkar

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