Sloppy Programming Results in Millions of Passwords Getting Leaked from YouPorn

YouPorn is one of the most popular pornographic websites on the Internet, and constantly features among the top 100 websites, worldwide. However, what concerns many netizen at present, is that YouPorn had a glitch in their matrix, allowing people to see the user information of millions of registered users.

The leak has allegedly come from the chat system on YouPorn, and the misbehaving server has been taken down already. Eset, the Original source on this, says,

The exposed information contains e-mail addresses and passwords. This information can be used to identify porn consumers, but for some users more than a reputation is at stake. It is common knowledge that even today a surprisingly large portion of Internet users use the same passwords for many (or all) of the services they use on the Internet, whether it is e-mail accounts, Facebook, PayPal, or other services.

The hack was a result of debug logging being turned on one of the pages, which has been present from November 2007. This points many angry fingers at the developers of YouPorn. A sample dump of the user info including their user IDs and passwords is given below.


Hackers have already started checking for reuse of passwords, and have made some hits too. This is embarrassing for those who still use the same passwords online, even after all the hacking attempts taking place over the last year.  This incident should serve as an eye-opener for those people.

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