Skype Accounts for 12% of International Calls

Skype has definitely taken off in a big big way, what with Pingdom reporting that it now accounts for almost 12% of International calls being made worldwide. Right now, Skype has a user base of 521 million users, which is even bigger than the number of users who use .

Skype International Call Market Share

The study which was conducted by TeleGeography shows that out of a total of 406 billion minutes, 54 billion minutes worth of calls were made using Skype. This share may not be surprising as Skype has made its way from the traditional PCs to more and more smartphones including the .

VoIP has definitely seen a huge increase in usage, considering that it is a real cheap alternative to other mobile providers. It might not be too long before we see mobile phone’s being developed just for Skype and which will only require an active data plan.

Skype is definitely one of the cheapest way to make international calls, and will soon make it’s way to your TV too. Do you use Skype to make international calls? Do you prefer using it over your regular phone?

3 thoughts on “Skype Accounts for 12% of International Calls”

  1. Our family uses Skype to call Internationally, we love it! I mean its definitely so much more cheaper compared to using a regular land line. I am surprised that land line companies haven't tried to compete and reduce their costs significantly to match Skype's

    Till then,


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