Skype’s 5.5 Beta For Windows Adds More Deeper Facebook Integration

Skype has recently announced a new beta version of their desktop client for Windows users which offers deeper Facebook integration and a new call control toolbar. Although Skype already supports Facebook integration from version 5.0, this new update polishes some existing features while introduces a couple of new ones.

First you will need to connect your Facebook account with Skype, if you haven’t done it already. This can be done by clicking the homebutton on Skype’s desktop client, switching to the Facebooktab and hitting the Connectbutton.


In the next window, sign in to your Facebook account and grant all the necessary permissions . Skype will import your entire Facebook contact list so that you can chat with Facebook friends directly from Skype, see your Facebook news feed, like or comment on status updates and send SMS messages to any of your Facebook friends who have added their phone number to their Facebook account.

The instant messaging pane will add a Facebooktab, showing all your Facebook friends who are online at the moment. Here is how your Facebook news feed will look inside Skype’s desktop client:


Skype’s integration with Facebook looks good so far but it is in a way incomplete.

skype-notificationFirst, there is no way you can call a Facebook friend within Skype, if they don’t have a Skype account. We already have dozens of IM clients so it was necessary on part of Skype to introduce a voice chat feature with Facebook friends.

Second, you can’t customize your Facebook news feed within Skype’s desktop client. There is no way to block apps, hide updates from specific people, view a particular friend list and so on. Skype will pull out your entire news feed in it’s default state which is not very friendly in nature.

The only advantage here is that you will get desktop notification whenever any of your Facebook friends come online. A sleek Mr X is now onlinenotification pops up near Windows system tray, which looks nice.

Skype was acquired by Microsoft in May 2011.


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