Now Use Your Google Account To Signup For Flickr

Wait … what? I thought Flickr is a product by Yahoo?

The fact is that it still is and will continue to be so, but the good news is that today Flickr has embraced OpenID.   The photo sharing website now supports creating a new Flickr account using an existing Google account. Earlier today, they added a contact importer and now the Google account integration has been rolled out.

When you hit the “Create Your Account” link at the Flickr homepage, you will see a new option to sign up for Flickr using a Google account.

Clicking the “Google” button on the Flickr sign up page will open a small pop up window, simply sign in with your existing Google account and grant all the required permissions to Yahoo.

Hit the “Allow” button and you will be asked to choose a Flickr username and create your brand new Flickr account. There is no need to remember another password and sign up for a new Yahoo email ID,   just because you want a Flickr presence.

This is good news, both for users and Yahoo. On the user’s part, this is good because they need not essentially have a Yahoo ID in order to use Flickr. On Yahoo’s part, this will surely boost the audience and user base – lot’s of users will sign up for Flickr with their Google account because the entire step requires less than 5 minutes ( and no Yahoo ID !)

Existing Flickr users can still sign in with their Yahoo accounts as earlier, but the Flickr team is rolling out a new feature which will make signing in a lot more easier.You can now sign-in to your account without having to leave the page you were on, making it easier to post comments, favorite a photo or add someone as a new contact.

According to the Flickr blog, Google is their first partner while more email providers may be added soon.

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