Share A Dropbox Folder With Facebook Friends

Popular file sharing service Dropbox has just introduced a new feature, now you can invite your Facebook friends to a shared Dropbox folder from the Dropbox share page. Shared folders in Dropbox is ideal when multiple people need a single storage location for storing common files, and no one does it better than Dropbox does.

To invite your Facebook friends to any of your shared Dropbox folders, head over to the Dropbox share page, connect your Facebook account and create your shared folder. To share an existing folder, check the option “I would like to share an existing folder”.



Hit “Next”, type in the name of your Facebook friend(s) and click “Share folder”. You can add multiple friends but there is no way to add an entire friend list or share a specific Dropbox folder with an existing group of friends on Facebook. You have to type in the name of each friend one by one, so this is not a very convenient option as far as mass collaboration is concerned.


When you have shared a desired folder with any of your Facebook friend, he will get a notification that you have invited him to view the contents of a shared folder from your Dropbox account. Once he clicks the invite link, he will be asked to sign into his Dropbox account for accessing the content of the shared folder. Which means, this shared collaboration is not entirely open in nature and works only if your Facebook friend knows what Dropbox really is.

Here is what your Facebook friend will see:


In order to view the contents of the shared folder, your Facebook friend must register for his own Dropbox account. Since this is not really the case of a usual Dropbox referral, you won’t get any extra storage space if any of your Facebook friend joins Dropbox from a shared folder invite. Actually this is good, keeps the space crave spam in control.

However, this drive will surely give Dropbox a social trigger and might help accelerate its reach towards users who are on Facebook but aren’t using Dropbox yet.

Personally, I would still prefer sharing via email. I have many Facebook friends who haven’t heard about Dropbox yet, so it would be foolish on my part if I invite them via a shared folder invite. Instead, I can earn free space by sending them a referral link and then share a folder from my Dropbox account.

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