Settlement on Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Issue

The launch of the iPhone 4 in 2010 saw it almost immediately besieged with issues regarding its antenna.

A ruling has come about after the 18 separate lawsuits, which were consolidated into one class action suit, that was filed against Apple in the U.S. courts regarding the antenna issues reached a settlement. According the settlement, Apple has to provide a free case to anyone who missed out getting one in 2010 (during the three-month period that they had this offer) or promise to pay $15 to the affected U.S. customers.

The iPhone 4 had issues with its signal strength. When iPhone 4 owners held the lower-left corner of the phone, it caused a fall in signal strength that resulted in dropped calls. This issue affected the more than 25 million iPhone 4 owners. Apple at that time did not immediately address this issue, but instead chose to show that similar issues were faced by other mobile phones as well. Later on, they offered the iPhone 4 owners a full refund or a complementary case from Apple. The iPhone 4S, which was released last October, does not have this issue.

Ira Rothken, a lead attorney in the class-action case, has been quoted saying,

“We believe that the Apple iPhone 4 settlement is fair, adequate, and reasonable, it allows members of the class to choose, and they can get $15 of cash or a bumper, so we believe that type of choice is proportional to the circumstances.” has been set up as the official settlement web site, but has not been activated yet. The customers, who are eligible, should get an e-mail from Apple some time in April, and will have 120 days to apply for the $15.

Here is a look at an iPhone 4 being tested inside one of Apple’s anechoic chambers from a photo released during Apple’s antenna press conference in 2010.

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