Select and Copy Multiple Areas of Text in Firefox 3

Firefox 3 is really filled with rich features and we are learning about them everyday, here is a real quick post to an awesome new feature in Firefox 3 which you should not miss.

The trick is similar to selecting different files which are not stacked together in Windows explorer using the Ctrl button.

In Firefox 3 when you want to select multiple areas of text without having to repeatedly copy and paste, click on the Ctrl button and use your mouse to select multiple areas of text;


Once you have selected the text use the hotkey Ctrl+C or right click and select Copy to copy over your selected text from multiple areas to the clipboard.

Once you have copied the text you can use the hotkey Ctrl+V to paste the copied text in a text editor. When you paste from the clipboard only the text that you had selected will be copied, check screenshot below (Click to enlarge).

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