Samsung Won’t Try to Block Apple’s iPhone 4S in South Korea

The title of this post is surprising, huh? Yeah, I’m surprised too.  At present, Apple is seeking an injunction against Samsung preventing the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. Samsung  agreed  to delay the device’s launch several times as the injunction was being considered by the court. In addition,  The Wall Street Journal  reported  that  Samsung’s lawyers had proposed a deal to Apple that would allow Samsung to launch its delayed Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. Samsung’s proposed deal was not disclosed to the court.  About a month ago,  Reuters  reported  that Apple had rejected the offer from Samsung that would have allowed the company to release its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia.

Apple vs. Samsung

Then,  Samsung wanted to see the unreleased iPhone 5 and iPad 3. Yesterday, the company, that is copying Apple,  asked  for  the iOS source code and Apple’s carrier agreements. To top it off, Samsung wanted to depose  a number of Apple designers. But wait! Now, there’s more. Surprisingly, Samsung has announced that it will not seek an injunction in its own country of South Korea against Apple’s recently released iPhone 4S. This is surprising because you would think a company that’s constantly being sued by Apple would counter by doing the same.

Apparently, one reason for the company to avoid legal action against Apple was public relation concerns. Um, what? Also, the decision was said to be made at last minute,  as the iPhone 4S went on sale in South Korea last Friday.

“We concluded that we should engage in legal battles with Apple only in the global market,” a spokesperson for Samsung reportedly said, “but not in order to gain more market share in Korea.”

This is a completely different approach from what Samsung has done in previously filed injunctions in Italy and France.

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