Samsung To Depose Jonathan Ive And Other Apple Designers

Folks, you might as well stop watching your daily soap opera and follow the Apple/Samsung lawsuit instead. At present, Apple is seeking an injunction against Samsung preventing the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. Samsung  agreed  to delay the device’s launch several times as the injunction was being considered by the court. In addition,  The Wall Street Journal  reported  that  Samsung’s lawyers had proposed a deal to Apple that would allow Samsung to launch its delayed Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. Samsung’s proposed deal was not disclosed to the court.  About a month ago,  Reuters  reported  that Apple had rejected the offer from Samsung that would have allowed the company to release its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia.

Apple vs Samsung

Then,  Samsung wanted to see the unreleased iPhone 5 and iPad 3. Yesterday, the company that is copying Apple asked for  the iOS source code and Apple’s carrier agreements. Today, a new report reveals that by the end of the month,  Samsung plans to have depositions from a number of Apple designers, including senior vice president Jonathan Ive, in its ongoing patent infringement suit. What the heck!? What for!? This is mind boggling.

Surprisingly,  Ive and other designers were originally scheduled to provide their deposition by Nov. 1, but that deadline was extended last month when Samsung learned that the witnesses would be unavailable before that date. Now, Edible Apple reports that  Ive and others are scheduled to provide their deposition  by Dec. 1. The Apple employees respective testimonies will be used as part of the  expedited trial  scheduled to begin July 30, 2012.

In addition,  Christopher Stringer, a designer who is  among those  credited with designing the first iPod, will take part in the depositions. But wait! There’s more…Shin Nishibori, an industrial designer, and an ex-Apple employee, Doug Satzger, is also among those listed; Satzger worked at Apple for 12 years before he left in 2008. See how ridiculous this is? The case has to do with iOS devices and Samsung is asking for people that haven’t even worked on the project to take part in the lawsuit.

I’m no lawyer, but this seems like a terrible decision on Samsung’s part. If there’s one person who would be able to justify Apple’s designs, it is Jonathan Ive. Oh, and did I mention Samsung’s lawyers can’t even tell the difference between an iPad and a Galaxy Tab?

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