Samsung Supplying Retina Display Panels for Apple’s New iPad

“It’s business, not personal.”

If there’s one quote which describes Samsung’s relationship with Apple, it’s this one.

Despite all the patent lawsuits and battles between the two consumer technology giants, it’s still Samsung which came to Apple’s rescue when it was in need. For a hefty fee, of course.

Samsung is Apple’s largest component supplier and has continued to supply it despite Apple trying to sue it into oblivion, for the simple fact that it’s just good business.

After all the patent litigation between the two companies, Apple apparently tried to limit its dependence on Samsung as a supplier, which is understandable as it was also its greatest rival.

It reportedly turned to LG and Sharp to build the touch screen displays for its new iPad, but after they failed to meet Apple’s stringent quality requirements, the company seems to have gone back to Samsung. Samsung will be the sole vendor for the new retina display for the new iPad, which was unveiled earlier this month.

Samsung already makes a majority of the components that power the iPhone and the iPad. And it’s not like the relationship is one sided – even Samsung generates a significant portion of its overall revenue through Apple.

While LG supplies display panels for the older versions of the iPhone and the iPad, they weren’t able to meet the requirements for Apple’s new high resolution retina display for the iPad. They may start shipping these new displays by April though.

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