Samsung Mounts a Full-Blown Offensive Against Apple; Seeks Ban of iPhone and iPad in The Netherlands

Apple first targeted Samsung with patent lawsuits in multiple countries, alleging that Samsung copied several design elements of the iPhone and iPad to create the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab devices.

Samsung has been trying to fight off Apple’s claims, but until now it had been on the defensive. It lost a few important battles when Apple won a couple of injunctions against Samsung, banning the sale of the Galaxy Tab in Europe and Australia.

But now, it seems Samsung is planning to mount a full-frontal assault against Apple. It already filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in France, and is apparently planning to target the Apple iPhone 5 with patent lawsuits in its home country — Korea.

Today, Samsung also slapped four lawsuits against Apple in the Netherlands, with the first hearing scheduled for September 26. It is seeking a recall of the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1, and iPad 2. It claims that these devices infringe on Samsung’s 3G patents, which are related to 3G standards, used by every manufacturer.

For this very reason, it’s very likely that Samsung will have to license its patents to Apple; it can’t seek a complete ban on its products.

Samsung has resorted to suing Apple in many different countries, presumably in order to force it to enter a settlement with it.

The patent wars are getting uglier. Apple currently seems to be winning, but there is no telling what the future might hold.

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